Susquehanna Bonsai Club

The premiere bonsai club of south-central Pennsylvania

Upcoming Events


Below is the Susquehanna Bonsai Club’s scheduled events for the year 2017. Updates will be added as more info is obtained closer to dates.

Please keep in mind that these dates, times and guest presenters are all subject to change at any given time. I will try to update this page as fast as possible as informed of any changes.

Club Events and Events of Interest

If interested in possibly joining the Susquehanna Bonsai, please come to a meeting and check us out! You will enjoy it!

JANUARY 15TH, 1:30 P.M. SBC Meeting with Jim Doyle at Nature’s Way Nursery.

(Snow Date Jan 22nd)

FEBRUARY 12TH, 1:30 P.M. SBC Meeting with Martha Meehan at Nature’s Way Nursery, tentative, (Snow Date Feb 19th) waiting for her reply.

MARCH 11 Philadelphia Flower Show.

MARCH 18TH, 9 A.M. to 2 P.M.   SBC “Repotting” Workshop at Meco Bonsai, 2885 Charlestown Road, Lancaster, PA,  Club will supply soil.  Attendees will order for pizza for lunch.

MARCH 19TH, 10A.M.Nature’s Way Dig with SBC and invited clubs 

MARCH 25TH, 9A.M. MECO BONSAI  Open House featuring Frank Mihalic.

APRIL 7-9TH Mid-Atlantic Bonsai Clubs Spring Festival, Connecticut.

APRIL 21 -23RD Nature’s Way Woodstock Workshop with Walter Pall and Jim Doyle

APRIL 24TH, 7 P.M. SBC meeting with Walter Pall at Nature’s Way Nursery.

APRIL 29 – 30TH SBC Exhibit at Fort Hunter.

MAY 13TH Nature’s Way Open House with Valacav Novak.

MAY 15, 7 P.M. SBC Meeting with Valacav Novak at Nature’s Way Nursery

JUNE 5TH, 7P.M. SBC Meeting with Jennifer Price

JULY  15 SBC Workshop at Nature’s Way to work on trees.

9A.M. – 2P.M.

AUGUST TBD Possibly SBC Meeting with Adam Lavigne.

SEPTEMBER 10TH Picnic and Auction at Sheila Becker’s house in New Oxford, PA. (members only)


OCTOBER 6 – 8th Carolina Bonsai Expo at the North Carolina Arboretum, Ashville, NC.


NOVEMBER 16 – 19TH Nature’s Way Workshop with Mauro Stemberger.

NOVEMBER 19TH, SBC Meeting with Mauro Stemberger at Nature’s Way Nursery.


DECEMBER 4TH, 7P.M Board Meeting and planning meeting at Nature’s Way Nursery.

Revised January 3, 2017


5 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

  1. When is the SBC club dig at Nature’s Way Nursery this year (2014)?

  2. When is the next club meeting? I might be interested in joining the SBC

    • Mark,
      October 19 at 7pm is the next demo/meeting that I am aware of. It is at Natures Way Bonsai Nursery at 7pm. It will be a free demo with bonsai professional David Easterbrook. That same weekend is the fall open house at Natures Way Bonsai Nursery so even if you can’t make the demo Friday night, you can still check things out Saturday October 20th at the nursery and find information about the club.

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